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Component Rehab of 9 Bridges
Location: New York City
Project Description:
As a sub-consultant to Greenman-Pederson, Munoz performed surveys for 9 bridges throughout the city.

Bridges included:

Roosevelt Ave over Park Road in Queens
Ramp From Quennsboro Bridge / Bridge Plaza South in Queens
80th Road over LIRR in Queens
Douglaston Parkway over Cross Island Parkway in Queens
Ramp to Queensboro Bridge over E. 59th Street in Manhattan
71st Avenue over Cooper Avenue in Queens
Hannah Street over SIRT in Staten Island  
Forest Avenue over Clove Lake Park Stream in Staten Island

Munoz was responsible for establishing survey control and producing topographical, utility, and right of way maps for each bridge.

All surveying and mapping was performed to NYCDOT standards.    

350 Madison Avenue - Curtain Walls - HDS Scanning

Location: Manhattan, NY
Owner: Alubon Glass Systems
Project Description:

Munoz was hired by Alubon to support the design and installation of a new curtain wall system at 350 Madison Avenue in Manhattan, NY. 

Munoz measured and analyzed the entire exterior of the building using several surveying techniques including High Definition Surveying – 3D Laser Scanning.

By setting up scanning equipment on nearby sidewalks, adjacent high-rise roofs and on the building itself, Munoz was able to build a single point cloud representing over 90% of the building’s exterior surface.

Using the point cloud, Munoz produced highly accurate deliverables depicting location and dimensions of all masonry openings, and exterior surface deviations. Detailed drawings were produced to support the curtain wall design team.         

Bruckner Expressway Bridge over Amtrak and CSX Railroads
Location: Bronx, NY
Owner: NYC Department of Transportation
Project Description:
This project involves the rehab of NB & SB Bruckner Expwy bridges over CSX and Amtrak Railroads. Judlau Contracting, Inc. is the Design-Builder, and HDR is responsible for the preparation of contract documents required for the construction phase. Munoz Engineering, P.C. is Subconsultant to HDR to perform survey and prepare survey base mapping documents and bridge clearance monitoring survey.

Roadway Level Survey
Munoz was tasked with developing a topographical plan of the bridges and approach roadways without disrupting traffic patterns. We used a combination of survey techniques including High Definition Surveying (HDS 3D laser scanning) to acquire high quality survey data under an extremely tight schedule. Using the HDS data we were able to produce a full topographic survey of the roadway (including plotted roadway cross sections) in a fraction of the time it would have taken using only conventional methods. The entire survey was conducted without disrupting any traffic.

Track Level Survey
Underneath the Bruckner Expressway a similar situation existed. Munoz was tasked with performing a detailed survey of the bridge structure and track level with very limited access to the site due to conflicting railroad restrictions. Again we were able to employ HDS techniques to acquire the needed survey data while adhering to the railroad access restrictions.

Yankee Stadium Ramps

Location: Bronx, NY
Owner: New York Yankees
Project Description: Turner Construction Company (Turner) requested that MEPC perform a High Definition Survey (HDS) Scan for the two main stadium ramps the new Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, NY.

Scope of Services:
Existing Conditions Scan – MEPC created a full three dimensional point cloud of the project limits including:

Data Analysis – MEPC performed a complete analysis of the data collected in the Existing Conditions Scan; including:

Design – MEPC generated a set of plans that clearly identify the locations of areas requiring grinding and/or fill. This work shall include:

Construction Stakeout – MEPC marked out the physical locations and depth of cut/fill on the ramps.

As-Built Scan – Upon completion of cut/fill construction work, MEPC created a new full three dimensional point cloud of the project limits including:

The As-built task shall include a visual comparison of the scan data to the design for verification that all ADA requirements have been met.

130 West 12th Street – Interiors – HDS Scanning

Location: Manhattan, NY
Owner: Turner Construction
Project Description:

Turner Construction Company hired Munoz to perform High Definition Surveying-3D Laser Scanning and Modeling of the interior of several floors of 130 West 12th Street in Manhattan NY.

The building, known as “Revere”, acted as a nurses quarters for St. Vincent’s Hospital. The closing of St. Vincent’s brought about planned renovations to the building.

Munoz was brought on to perform scanning of the interiors during the demolition phase of the renovation. Munoz produced high accuracy point clouds of several floors for architectural planning and design.  

Munoz also produced 3D AutoCAD models of several floors for use in Turner’s building information model.